The Mt. Pleasant American Legion Owen Barrett Post Honor Guard


American Legion EmblemOur honor guard is a joint effort with the local VFW post. Our honor guard performs military honors to deceased veterans. Contact the post if your deceased love one is a veteran and your family desires military honors. The honor guard also participates in local memorial events. Mount Pleasant Legion Honor Guard

Purpose of the American Legion Post 110 Honor Guard:

  • To Provide Military Rites For Deceased Honorable Discharged Veterans
  • To Participate In A Limited Number of Parades
  • To Present Programs On Americanism, Flag And Other Patrotic Ceremonies To elementary, middle, and High Schools, Scouts, And Others As Requested
  • To Participate In Veterans Day, Memorial Day, And Other events
  • To Provide Cross And Flags For Veterans Graves in Riverside Cemetery


This is to raise awareness of the full funeral Military Honors provided by the American Legion Honor Guard. The "Final Salute" rendered by the Honor Guard is a reverent and solemn service to bid farewell to our departed comrade. Too often a veteran is not given a "Final Salute" because the family wasn't aware that such a service existed.

It is our job to make known to all veteran's families that we are here to serve our departed. It is our honor and duty to provide a military send-off for a deserving veteran that offered his/her service for the good of the country. The "Final Salute" consists of a prayer, the firing of the rifles, the sounding of taps, the folding and presenting of the American Flag under which this veteran served.

A salute is executed with a blessing that the veteran "Rest in Peace." EACH VETERAN'S FAMILY HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR and request this service for their deceased veteran. Not all funeral directors ask if the deceased was a veteran, consequently the veteran is laid to rest without the deserved "Final Salute".

Let us not forget what these veterans did to preserve our freedom. Let us give them the Military Honors Burial they deserve.